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Wallfaster™ is eHealth and platform provider for Virtual Training technologies.

Wellfaster excercise rehabilitation app Virtual Training

This ehealth solution

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1. Saves money by reducing claim costs
2. Lowers readmission (liability) risks
3. Creates data statistics
4. Makes it easier to communicate between
the therapist and the patient
5. Is state of the art for new generation of patients


Virtual Training® is enrolled for the first time in the National Digitalization Strategy.

Application is published in Danish Gerontology Society's journal. The research from article shows that Wellfaster's product Virtual Training® has significant effect on retention and motivation



Virtual Training® is launched for smart devices and Welfaster Denmark starts exporting to Norway.

Norwegian healthcare providers (municipalities) reduces home basedrehabilitation significantly. While cutting off more than 50% of time spend on patients, the overall effect of the approach exceeded quality and effect of their traditional physiotherapy-offers.



The company enters a strategic partnership with one of Scandinavias largest private health providers Aleris-Hamlet Hospitalerne A/S

Supporting the first insurance companies with digital supported physiotherapy. Reducing claims and reshaping traditional business models.