Innovative Mobile Excercise Virtual Training

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Wellfaster - Virtual Training app excercise
Wellfaster - Virtual Training app excercise

Excercise prescription & education

Boost patient engagement with crystal-clear, fully narrated exercise videos, delivered straight to your patient's smartphone.



Onboard, engage, educate and stay connected with your patients while collecting real-time outcomes data.

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Quality & Transparency

The real-world complete patient engagement platform to manage the entire patient journey is here. Outcomes analysis deliver better, patient-centric care through real-time insight. Boost your business through GDPR-compliant data gathering

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Virtual Training®
The gold standard in home exercise prescription With clear and narrated exercise videos, EPJ-integrations and outcome analysis.

Insurance industry

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Virtual Training®
Reducing claims with data-driven decisions We provide transparency with business intelligence, performing sophisticated analysis and benchmarking while ensuring more efficient processes and faster results for customers.

Personal trainer

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Virtual Training®
Cater to your clients' digital needs. Most clients love their personal technology. Engage, enthuse and impress throughout their journey.


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